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US $150 or INR 9,999 are the beginning prices for both Android and iOS app development.


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    Since 2011, InfoCentroid has been a market leader in providing high-quality, innovative, user-friendly, affordable, and supportive services in the field of mobile app development.

    InfoCentroid, a mobile app development company in Mumbai,  is trusted by over 1500+ clients across the world.


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    Grow Your Business With Mobile App

    Utilise the huge potential of a customised mobile app to take your company to new heights. A mobile app is not simply a convenience in today’s competitive market, it is a crucial tool that enables you to connect with your audience easily, improve user experiences, and enjoy exceptional growth. Gain beneficial knowledge from user data, enhance client service, and seamlessly integrate direct marketing. Retain a competitive edge, create persistent brand recognition, and set off on a transformative journey to broaden your company’s horizons.

    A strategic mobile app is where your success story begins, use it right now and watch your business climb to new heights.


    Why Choose Us 

    1. Competitive Prices: Our budget-friendly rates ensure you get maximum value for your investment in mobile app development.
    2. Exceptional Support: Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free development process.
    3. Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and meticulous attention to detail guarantee that your app functions flawlessly and meets the highest industry standards.
    4. Premium UI/UX Design: Our expert designers craft visually stunning and intuitive interfaces that captivate users and enhance engagement.
    5. Client Satisfaction Priority: We prioritize your satisfaction above all, ensuring that your app not only meets but exceeds your expectations, every step of the way

    InfoCentroid's Mobile App Development Services

    Native app development

    InfoCentroid has started its mobile app development journey with native mobile app development. Since 2011, we have developed many native mobile apps. We develop quality native apps and make them compatible with Android phones, Android TVs, Android tablets, iOS phones, tablets, and iOS TVs.We also provide support and maintenance for the Android and iOS native mobile apps. 

    Cross-platform  based mobile app development

    Cross-platform mobile app development requires low maintenance costs, and its development costs are also competitive. We use React Native technology, and our React Native developers are experienced and well skilled. InfoCentroid has become a leading React Native app development company. We also use Flutter technology for this development.

    Mobile UI design

    Our expertise as the top app development company lies in creating elegant and simple mobile user experiences. This covers everything, from designing the app’s general aesthetic to producing specific wireframes and features. Our designers can make user interfaces that are simple to use and visually appealing because they have a solid understanding of both user experience and user interface.

    MVP Development 

    We are skilled in developing a Minimum Viable Product that will help you rapidly and effectively validate your idea. Our MVP development approach is created to assist you in gathering customer input and data to enhance your product. We collaborate directly with you to comprehend your business objectives and develop an MVP that satisfies your requirements. After MVP approval, we did many projects.

    Mobile App Development Company

    Founded in 2009, Infocentroid embarked on its journey towards becoming a prominent player in the mobile app development industry. By 2011, we had firmly established ourselves as a mobile app development company in Andheri West, Mumbai, India.

    At Infocentroid, our core vision revolves around crafting innovative and revolutionary mobile app solutions. We don’t just cater to client requirements, we aim to push the boundaries of creativity. Mobile app development is the art of creating code that seamlessly operates on mobile devices. Most mobile apps rely on network connections to leverage remote computing resources. This intricate process involves utilizing various technologies to ensure the code is executable on mobile devices. For network-based apps, backend services implementation, such as data access through APIs, is crucial. Rigorous testing on target devices ensures the application’s effectiveness.

    In the current market landscape, Android and iOS devices reign supreme, making them focal points for mobile app development companies. The demand for mobile apps across businesses is skyrocketing, with startups often revolving around app-based solutions.

    Infocentroid, a leading mobile application development company, specializes in delivering exceptional mobile apps at affordable rates. Our commitment extends beyond development; we offer unwavering post-development support. This approach has led to the success of numerous startups that have collaborated with Infocentroid, thriving in the competitive market.

    Choose Infocentroid as your mobile app development partner, and together, we’ll transform your vision into an innovative and impactful reality.

    Types of Mobile App Development

    There are four major development approaches when developing mobile applications

    • Native Mobile App Development

    • Cross-Platform Native Mobile App Development

    • Hybrid Mobile App Development

    • Progressive Web App Development



    Each of these types for developing mobile apps has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

    Native Mobile App Development  

    Native Mobile App Develop for android and iOS devices separately . There are Native Android App Developers and Native iOS App Developers work . For the android InfoCentroid uses the technologies- Java and Kotlin. For the iOS InfoCentroid uses the technologies objective-c and swift.

    AdvantageР Its performance are best as compare to rest at time of execution .

    Disadvantage ‚Äď Need to do multiple code for each platform so that its cost are higher for the development and maintenance.

    Cross-Platform Native Mobile App Development

    Cross Platform Native Mobile App Develop for android and iOS by using single code .There are few platforms / framework with the help of it development happen. For this Cross Platform Native Mobile App Development InfoCentroid uses the technologies ‚Äď React Native and Flutter.

    Advantage РSingle code base for the android and iOS devices  so that  Easy to build and maintain the app.

    Disadvantage – Dependents on bridges and libraries for native device features so that limitation may come somewhere to develop complicated feature.

    Hybrid Mobile App Development

     Hybrid mobile apps are develop with standard web technologies Рsuch as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 Рand they are bundled as app installation packages. 


    Advantage – Shared code base between web and mobile apps by Using web development skillset for developing mobile apps


    Disadvantage – Lower performance compared to native apps and Limited support for native device features


    Progressive Web Development

    This kind of mobile app development totally depends of web skills, here web developers develop mobile and table responsive web app and create its web view app for Android device and iOS device.

    Advantage ‚Äď Quick to develop by using web developer only and accessible through a URL.


    Disadvantage РLimited support for native device features and  App capabilities depend on the browser in use


    React Native Application Development Company

    We are a leading React Native app development company in the world.. We at Infocentroid can develop a mobile app compatible with ios and android mobile phones. Our skilled mobile app developers strategize everything in detail, like the objective of the mobile app, the type of mobile app you are looking for, and a layout that includes features & functionalities at first. Then, they develop the app, test its functionality and provide it to the clients to test. We are one of the best iPhone and Android application development companies; we apply trend insights, check all essential features, perform quality testing, and then deliver a polished final product. 

    Since we are a react native application development company, we can develop apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Android, and UWP using React framework and native platform abilities. If you are looking for the best  App developers in Mumbai, hire us today.

    Hire an App Development Company To Get Swiftly & Beautifully Designed Apps:

    Mobile apps are the modern technology of today’s world. Since they have been widely popular, you must need the assistance of skilled & trained mobile app developers to create a unique but user-friendly app that will help connect your business with the relevant audience. Once you hire iPhone & Android application development company, they will make every possible effort to boost a large volume of traffic of the target audience through a quality & creative mobile app. We also provide app maintenance & support after delivering the final product. So, you need not worry about anything; we take care of everything from designing to fixing bugs and errors in real time. Hire our services today, as we are a leading¬† React native application development company with the best App developers in Mumbai.

    Android Application Development Company in Mumbai and Indore
    US $150 or INR 9,999 are starting rate for both Android and iOS app development. We're the Mobile App Development Company Since the Year 2011
    Call or Whatsapp Us: +917566663042 / +917566643042
    android app development company in mumbai and indore


    Mobile  App Development Procedure

    InfoCentroid Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Follows below procedure for the mobile app development .

    Infocentroid’s Comprehensive Mobile App Development Process

    Scope Documentation: Upon confirmation of your Mobile App Development order, Infocentroid initiates the creation of detailed scope documentation. This document outlines the project’s scope and obtains client approval, setting a clear direction for development.

    Wire Frame Development with UI & UX: Building upon the scope documentation, our experts delve into crafting the entire app’s user interface and experience. The app’s wireframe is meticulously developed, outlining the seamless flow of the application.

    Application Screen Design: With the confirmed scope documentation and wireframes, we proceed to design static screens for your mobile app. Be it a native Android, iOS, React Native, or Flutter-based app, our designs reflect your vision and resonate with users.

    Application Programming: We prepare a comprehensive list of APIs that power your mobile app, ensuring robust functionality and connectivity.

    Backend / Server-side Application Programming: Our development process extends to crafting the web panel code for administrative operations and executing server-side functions, ensuring seamless backend operations.

    APIs Development: The critical links between application screens and the server-side application and database are forged through meticulously written APIs, ensuring smooth data flow and interaction.

    Mobile App Functionalities Development / App Completions: Our mobile app developers bring your app’s functionalities and features to life, translating logical code into tangible user experiences.

    Testing: Our dedicated QA Engineers meticulously test the entire app, drafting comprehensive test cases to ensure optimal performance and a bug-free experience.

    Back-end QA Testing: The back-end code undergoes rigorous testing for execution and security, ensuring that your app’s backend is as robust as its frontend.

    Cloud Setup: The server-side application is seamlessly deployed to the cloud or server, optimizing performance and accessibility.

    Submit to App Stores / Play Stores: The culmination of our process involves deploying your application to the App Stores or Play Stores, ensuring it reaches your target audience seamlessly.

    At Infocentroid, our meticulous and step-by-step approach ensures that your mobile app development journey is streamlined, efficient, and results in a high-quality, user-centric application.

    World's Most Affordable Rates for The Mobile App Development
    Package 1: INR 9,999 or US $150

    We are offering offline static app with maximum 5 screens.

    We offer react native based android app and iOS app .

    In same cost we offer native android app

    Package 2: INR 15,000 or US $220 

    We are offering dynamic app with web panel based admin potions.  This rate for native android app development.

    For the react native based android and iOS app rates are INR 20,000 or US $300

    For the native iOS app rates are INR 30,000 or US $430

    This price may vary according to the requirements*

    Package 3: INR 30,000 or US $430 

    We are offering dynamic app with web panel based admin potions along with users management ,roles and operations.  This rate for native android app development.

    For the react native based android and iOS app rates are INR 40,000 or US $600

    For the native iOS app rates are INR 50,000 or US $700

    This price may vary according to the requirements*

    Package 4: INR 35,000 or US $500 

    We are offering single vendor based basic eCommerce Application.  This rate for native android app development.

    For the react native based android and iOS app rates are INR 50,000 or US $700

    For the native iOS app rates are INR 65,000 or US $900

    This price may vary according to the requirements*

    Package 5: INR 55,000 or US $800 

    We are offering multi vendor based basic eCommerce Application.  This rate for native android app development.

    For the react native based android and iOS app rates are INR 70,000 or US $1000

    For the native iOS app rates are INR 1,00,000 or US $1500

    This price may vary according to the requirements*

    Package 6: INR 70,000 or US $1000 

    We are offering Bigger app based on eCommerce, Tracking, Streaming and deal with maximum concurrent users.   This rate for native android app development.

    For the react native based android and iOS app rates are INR 90,000 or US $1400

    For the native iOS app rates are INR 1,20,000 or US $1,800

    This price may vary according to the requirements*

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      We also offer dedicated remote resources(Mobile App Developers) , Rates are
      • Native Android App Developer(Java or Kotline) with minimum 3 years of experienced : US $10 or INR 750 per Hour

      • React Native App Developer with minimum 3 years of experienced : US $20 or INR 1500 per Hour

      • Flutter App Developer with minimum 3 years of experienced : US $30 or INR 2000 per Hour

      • Laravel Developer with minimum 3 years of experienced : US $10 or INR 750 per Hour

      • Codeignitor Developer with minimum 3 years of experienced : US $5 or INR 350 per Hour