InfoCentroid Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading SMO Service providing company of india. We are doing social media optimization for many clients of the world . With the help of SMO we do following things for the client

  • Brand Image Building

  • Brand Promotion

  • Customer Engagement

  • Targeted Traffic

SMO Services in Mumbai

INR 6,000 or US $100 per month are starting rate for the Social Media Optimization Services.

Do you want to expand your business and thrive in this digital world? Do you want to increase your website traffic? If yes, then you are on the right platform. We provide top-notch social media optimization for all type of industries , firms and businesses across the world. We at InfoCentroid ‚Äď SMO Company in Mumbai | SMO Company in India | SMO Company in Berlin | SMO Company in Germany | SMO Company in USA ¬†try to give you the best experience in delivering your service.

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SMO Company in Mumbai

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SMO Company in Mumbai

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    What is SMO :

    As everyone of us has a social presence and whole world is now getting online , so in this era of internet it is very easy to access customers all across the globe but for that you need  A STRONG SOCIAL PORTFOLIO and here comes what is smo?

    Social media optimization is a process of expanding a brand or a business online by using the social media platforms like facebook , Instagram , snapchat , youtube, Linkedind and Twitter etc that  plays the role in your success by directing the audience to your company’s website and hence

     it increase the traffic on your website and highlight KPI(Key Performing Index) through which you have a strong social presence by which the customer is aware of new product and services.

    It is the process which enhances the brand recognition and it direct impacts on sales .


    Why need for SMO :

    Social media optimization is a need for your business and brand because without this you will have to suffer more downfalls and plateau in your business as there is a cut throat competition everywhere around you in every niche. So fake likes and comments won’t work for you because they won’t benefit you anyway, even having a beat quality product/service won’t help you to get recognized So to shine in this competitive era you need optimized social presence such that you have QUALITY AUDIENCE with your quality product.

    And here comes us to help you in each possible way.

    Steps for the SMO

    SMO Services in Indore
    • Identify business goals:

    The most important part of SMO is identifying your business goals , we at InfoCentroid helps you determine your business goals and helps you to figure out what is most important for your business.

    By identifying your business goals we target the audience who is more likely to help you achieve  your business goals by doing TARGETTED MARKETING. We present your brand uniquely so that it increases your social media followers and certainly gives you more visibility on your posts and improves your social media analytics.


    • Account management:

    After all this we manages your social account by our own and responsible for curating your brands social channels. We therefore manages your traffics that how much traffic is driven from this social sites. Also we  monitor , moderate and respond to audiences query and comments , manages partnerships with other social media brands and also create / post highly engageable and shareable videos and photos.

    • Analyze client‚Äôs audience:

    We help you to analyze who is your targeted audience because posting about fast foods in the crowd of peoples who eat organic food is useless. So by analyzing your audience it becomes very easy to get quality traffic on your website so that it turns out to give you benefits otherwise traffic is everywhere but getting QUALITY TRAFFIC IS RARE.

    • Create social media calendar:

    We also create a social media calendar for your brand which helps to store and schedule your social media posts. Why this now? Because your audience must know when, where and how of your service as random posts do not create that much impact on the audience but by creating a calendar YOUR AUDIENCE IS NOW MORE AWARE ABOUT YOU. And as awareness increases the sells. It becomes then easy for you to get quality traffic all of the times.

    • Create a content strategy:

    Our efforts of optimizing your website socially is deeply connected to social media analytics and social media optimizations. To improve your social media engagement we include RELEVANT KEYWORDS in your social media content or posts. We presents your brand uniquely such that it covers photos , vidoes and tips, shorts and crisp vidoes so that keeping audience hooked.

    This practice helps you increase your rankings in search engine results which in return increases awareness and visibility of your website and enhances the growth of your company/business.  


    • Identify HashTags:

    Hashtags plays a very vital role in boosting your social media presence. Even carefully selected hashtagged post can create a miracle for social media analytics and makes your social media post more searchable and highly recommendable. And

    By using relevant keywords and hashtags we help your followers find your profile and posts and due to this your customer will get engaged with you and your services very frequently.

    • Social Trending:

    Trends are new vague now a days and going with the trend helps the users to get attracted towards your site. And we help you to figure out how to go with the trends and how to become a TREND MAKER.

    Social media optimization Company in Mumbai

    Why InfoCentroid ?

    As now you are aware of what is social media optimization now comes why will you choose us? Well, here is the answer

    • We provide affordable and fair rates of social media optimization.

    • Provides you quality content.

    • Helps you in Leads generation.

    • we provides competitive rates in a market. Our target is to hit maximum profit to our client .

    • We are providing this SMO services in Mumbai , indore and even in BERLIN.

    SMO Company in Mumbai

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