Hi Mobile Shop Keeper or Mobile Retail Shop, Now you can sell your mobile accessories online and can take mobile repair order online. With this mobile app

About this great application:-

This application is an android based application. The Mobile Joe Application is for mobile shopkeepers, with the help of this application they can sell their mobile accessories and whatever their services. They can take customer query from this application. With this application they can grow their business online.  For the customer this application is easy to install and very easy to run. Users will get services within 24 hours with lowest price guarantee. Along this customer can give mobile repair request also .It helps both mobile vendor and customer .


For End Users (Customer User Android Based):-

  1. Easy to install, user friendly mobile app.

2.Process of user registration is very simple. User can login from here.

3.One good thing is also here in navigation, user can see all types of fields as in the image. All navigations are easy to understand.

4. Contains various mobile accessories like headphone, charger, USB cable, Bluetooth, air pods, batteries, glass guard, LCD displays etc.

5. The details of the user who has ordered a product, he will have this show and will also see the notification along with it.

6. One good thing also here is that if somebody has problem in their mobile and any issue in their mobile then that guy can write their issue in vole box which is given in the mobile app, delivery boy will come and collect their mobile from home, will repair it and return to their home in only 24 hours.

7. User can share details from this app.

8. User can select the mobile category easily.

9. Terms and Conditions are easily understandable.

For Admin User(Web Panel Base):-

  1. Admin can also see his dashboard very easily. It is easy to understand.
  2. The administrator can check the details of his user from here, how many users are using this application.
  3. The admin can pour his product from here and can also see the list of products.
  4. Admin can also add time slot from here on what will be the opening hour and what will be the closing hour.
  5. The admin can create his schedule by own from here.
  6. Admin can add their area and also can add area vice delivery charges from this page.
  7. Admin can add stock of whatever product is piled here from this page.
  8. You can see the details of all the orders that are received from the administrator here.
  9. Admin can add delivery boy from here from this page.
  10.  Can also look the status of admin delivery boy from here where is the delivery boy now.
  11. Admin can assign the delivery boy assigned from here.
  12. One also a great is that admin can add delivery charges from this page.
  13. Admin can change order limit 
  14.  Admin can see all stock of products from here.
  15. The admin can offer from here, he/she can also do an active, deactivate.
  16. On this page Admin can see the product list.
  17. The administrator can view the user’s Suggestion and complaints from here.
  18. . Admin can add application updates, status and versions.


Demo Credentials

Admin credentials are below ,please click on below link and enter these credentials 

Username : admin@gmail.com

Password : 123456

For The Admin URL,Click Here


Click Here to Download Android app file and install it into your android device