We have ERP (Enterprises Resources Planning) software for education. We’re providing cloud based solutions with web portal and android application .


Its content following management system

  1. Admission management
  2. Library management
  3. Staff management
  4. Sports management
  5. Student management
  6. Attendance management
  7. Exam management
  8. Stock management
  9. Account management
  10. Transport management
  11. Marketing and sales management
  12. Enquiry management
  13. Best Admin management
  14. Users management



Advantages of our software:

  • It increases productivity:

Make easy accounting , Focus on every student performance , Focus on every enquiry , Manage quality stock , Easy track staff performance .

  • It save time:

It makes very thing quick . because we have given best searching options so that you can search any recording within a second.

  • Best Secure:

We have provided all security concerns that we have secure cloud , we have secure protocol, we have encryption and decryptions on every data deals

  • Best Backup Facilities :

We have provided best backup facilities so that your data never loss ever

  • We do agreement that we can’t share your data to any one . We are liable to our clients .
  • We are best in education software’s with nominal rates


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