Ice Cream Manufacturer Increase Your  Productivity With InfoCentroid

InfoCentroid has developed software which manage your end to end operations. That start from when  you enter icecream in to the cold storage, create sale order for dispatching, release vehicle for the delivery, create invoice, collect payment, manage tax , manage cancel order  and manage accounting .

It’s one shot solutions of your Stock, Inventory, Sales Order, Invoicing, GST Auditing and Accounting.


  1. Master Data Entry :You can enter master data which consistent and uniform set of identifiers that describes the core entity of enterprises like Ice Cream Type, Ice Cream Category, Ice Cream Sub Category , State, Quantity, Flavors, HST&GST, Batch No.

  2. Customer Module: You can add customer with all relevant parameters and can view the list of all customers , Can edit and delete as well

  3. Cold Storage Module: You can add cold storage will all relevant parameters and can view the list of all cold storages, Can edit and close it as well

  4. Stock & Inventory Module: You can add the stock in the cold storage with all relevant parameters like ice cream type, flavor , catagoriy , quanity, unit etc. and can watch inventory . You can edit and delete it as well

       Stock deduction will be held once invoice will be created , If             invoice cancelled than stock quantities will be roll backed

  1. Sales Module: You can create sales request , can give print out of it your staff , for preparing the sales order .Here is option to cancel sales request as well . Sales requests list you can watch, can edit and delete as well

  2. Invoicing Module: You can create invoice, invoice will be customized according to your need . You can take n- number of print outs of it . List of invoices are also there you can cancel the invoice as well.

   Once invoice created then automatically stock will be deducted       from the stock ,But if you cancel the invoice then stock quantities     will be rolled back

  1. Expense Module : It cover all expense details related to ledgers, either is regular expense voucher or from vendor purchase

  2. GST Module: This module generate gst audit sheet , you can export it as .csv file

  3. Accounting Module: This module deals with your all accounting and its reports .

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Credentials are follow: User id : admin

  Password: 123456

Costing of this project are : INR 15000 only , Quarterly  payment facilities are also available , for more details please call on : +91-7566663042/07314047162, or leave message on click here